During and post the Covid-19 pandemic, Passion Trainings want to offer either through ZOOM platform or in presence a variety of trainings, so learning is safe and conform to distance requirements.

We aim at breaking the solitude that this pandemic has plunge into, a lot of people and to help with tensions that are necessarily arising from being together at home almost all the time.

Passion Trainings is dedicated to your wellbeing, health and happiness no matter what the circumstances are.

In order to support our dream of creating a better world, Passion Trainings offer a variety of training programs based on the proven notion that those who improve themselves on a personal level improve not only personally but in all areas of their life. While improving your self-confidence and self-esteem, and acquiring a sense of higher competency, you generate energy you can bring into your life.

That is why Passion Trainings so strongly believe in helping people through training that makes them more knowledgeable on topics and challenges we all face as human beings and in giving you what you need to enjoy the overall happiness that leads to success in and of your life.

All our training programs are based on personal experience and knowledge and on advanced Power Learning training programs our trainer followed in order to make every session a powerful, memorable, and fun experience.

Workshops and webinar run for 1.5 or 4 hours, and 1 or 2 days. All are designed to awaken participant’s minds to deep learning experiences that will lead to personal growth and the development of skills that will impact on your ability to create the life you dream of and want.

Specifically, the following training programs are presently offered:

  2. From Victim to Victor
  3. Getting rid of the guilt that is eating you alive
  4. Women and money
  5. The Power of Rest!
  6. The 10 secrets to becoming a happy teenager’s parent

Chantal Perreault Nash, Trainer

After a fructuous career as a lawyer for 40 years, Chantal Perreault Nash has discovered her passion to help others through trainings. She has taught at the law faculty of the University of Montreal for many years as a coach and trainer for the art of pleading and has given numerous lectures on law topics particularly on ethics, governance and protection of minority shareholders.

This passion as a trainer has matched with her other passion for human beings and their wellbeing. Having herself followed intensives trainings in personal growth and having her certification as a trainer from Peak Potentials, she is offering trainings on topics that touch many wide shared challenges such as family, couple, interpersonal communication and attitude’s problems. She founded her business Passion Trainings to bring a new way of helping people to address concerns and help better all relationships being as a human being, a spouse, a parent, a friend, a co-worker or else…

She has given much appreciated trainings so far and will have more to come.

She brings her creativity (she is also a painter!) and her contagious energy to share her experience to help people find their own creative and appropriate solutions.

In picking on her experience, you will rapidly improve your life and will fill up with energy!


My mission (and passion!) is the wellbeing of men and women as persons, couple and parents.”